Our Youth Ministry & PENSA

The youth ministry is a vibrant grouping of teens (13-19) and young adults(20 – 35) who seek to impact their generation by being a light. The ministry’s slogan “Arise and Shine!” reverberates its aim to have young people stand up for Jesus Christ and defend the Christian Faith in a morally depraved world.
It seeks to encourage its members and peers not to conform to the base standards of this generation but rather bring light into the world by leading all friends and acquaintances to Jesus – The way, The truth, and the life. The ministry embraces all young peoples and facilitates events and activities meeting their specific needs.

Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA)
PENSA is the campus ministry wing under the youth ministry. It facilitates events and activities that engages students on university campuses and in tertiary institutions to know Christ better and to also draw peers and faculty on campus to encounter Jesus.