Our Men’s Ministry

The Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) is a connect group ministering to all adult men. This ministry caters for the specific needs of all men in the church. It effectively and efficiently reaches out to men for Christ, harnessing their potentials for effective church leadership, quality family life, and impacting community engagement. The ministry recognizes the distinct position the man holds in creation, regarding his roles in marriage, family, work, church, leadership and in the community. The ministry seeks to educate the man in his God-given position using sound biblical doctrine and principles.
The ministry’s vision is portrayed in its slogans:

MAN! The image and the glory of God!
As the unique creation of God – created in God’s image, the man is to depict in his actions the reflection of God’s image (godly characteristics and attributes) and his glory.

MAN! Be strong and courageous!
That the inherent God-given attribute of strength and courage will be exhibited in the man as he deals with all challenges that come his way. That in exhibiting strength and courage the man may be prosperous in all his endeavours.

MAN! A head with responsibility!
That the Man will assume his role and authority as the head of the home and manage his home accordingly with the Holy Spirit as a guide and counsellor. That through the ministry’s programs, responsible men would be found in the home, Church, community, and Nation.

MAN! We are firmly established!
That the man will be well grounded in all spheres of life – Spiritually, in the home and family life, in business and the workforce, in education, and in all society.